Salivate on This Line

Just yesterday, an intelligent friend I saw at the gym told me an immigrant surge is responsible for Covid’s recent death burst. Brand packaging update! Salivate on this line. “Immigrants are Covid death surge killers.” Send money. God bless America.

No Truth in Global Racism

Frothing anger splashing about the tips of racism’s icebergs isn’t the half of it.

Racism’s real damages are inflicted below the surface.

Generations are subjected to cultural water-boarding,

Billions of good people, especially children,

worry that long-term lies about their inferiority include grains of truth.

Korea Sinking Nepalese Avalanche Washington Mudslide

“No man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe (think humanity) is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were. Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls it tolls for thee”

John Donne’s  “Meditation XVII

Crisis Ukraine Crisis Global Civilization

During the past quarter-of-a million years, dozens of groups and peoples lived in the territory now called Ukraine. A large number of fundamentally similar peoples are living in Ukraine today.

Substantial History of Diverse People Thriving Together on your Land

To Ukrainians and “Russian” Ukrainians, Tartars, Cossacks, Greeks, Armenians, Romanians, Poles, unnamed communities including religious, remember there’s real history of diverse peoples thriving together on your land.

Reptile, insect, and primate natural histories show that controlling territory is vital and disruptive. The powers and benefits gained by territorial control are rarely shared equally by resident peoples. The cultural tectonics’ fostering humanity’s thousands of ongoing, festering, and bloody land claims are easy to compile. Yet there’s a real success story here.

Success Story

Billions of Homo sapiens are willing to peacefully coöperate with previously unknown or disrespected neighbors in our global hood. A message for Sri Lanka, Korea, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Rwanda, Belgium, Spain, USA, and China (every nation) is to remember how civilization at its best demonstrates muscular progressive capacity for diversity to flourish in its midst.

The Crime in Crimea

The crime in Crimea is forgetting humanity’s frequently demonstrated capacity to redefine neighborhoods, and then get along. The territorial crisis in Ukraine, along with many others, can be peacefully resolved.


Slavery and Freedom

Freedom and slavery

Blend into our lives like life in living tree trunks

Encompassed, restricted, contained

Bound in wood flesh

Enslaved by mammal inadequacy

Yet saturated by spring’s volition

Growing sacred freedom

In progressive rings

Can You Imagine?

Vote-On Vote-On



“Until the late nineteenth century the question of woman’s ability to profit from or even survive higher education was controversial. Vassar College opened in 1865 was often described by its first president as an experiment.… as late as 1871 an MD at Harvard Medical School published a book on the dangers of higher education for girls, he doubted the achievement was worth the cost from their psyche and procreative powers.”

From: Carl N Degler, In Search of Human Nature, Oxford University Press 1991


% of global humanity experiencing extended family keeps shrinking-geography alone pries traditional support away-expansive media  pretends intimacy-media replacing extended family hmm?

Rednecks Redux

Sunburns come in many colors. The quickest way to become a redneck is to spend too many hours working under a hot summer sun. Humanity’s neck coloring differences are mostly inherited DNA, nurtured by xenophobic isolation, then brushed with climate.

Rednecks are a complex subject. The word redneck is used to describe independent country folk and angry racists. Some folks proudly call themselves rednecks, while others remain angry with them.

Groups of early unionizing US miners were called redneck because they wore red scarfs to show support for workers’ rights. Seventeenth century Scottish Presbyterians were called rednecks for a time when they wore red scarfs to signal commitment to their version of religious freedom. Crayola

A growing number of crayon colors suggest neck color wisdom for humanity. The first Crayola Crayon Box in 1903 had just eight colors in it; Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Violet and Yellow. Crayola’s 2006 150-crayon pack has 118 colors plus 16 Glitter and 16 Metallic crayons.

Who wants a box of crayons with one color in it?  Ridding ourselves of color differences is a bad if not impossible idea. Forget about reducing humanity to one neck color to sort things out.

Our human color range is expanding. Humanity has red, brown black, white, and yellow necks, plus a billion blends between. Civilization’s coloring box challenge is enhancing community cooperation, while every citizen freely features colors of their own. Civilization’s future will be bright and colorful. Check out Crayola’s new “Ultimate” pack with 152 crayons.