Bamboo II: Bamboozling Nature

Human bamboozling, one of our natural limitations, resembles what causes so many people to condemn bamboo. How many gardens has humanity invaded? How many life forms has Homo sapiens driven towards extinction? Who’s next? Where next? Is any garden on earth safe from our human propensity to invade? Most important, is there any possibility that humanity is about to do a better job of self-control?

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War on Religion

Delete Religion An active constituency insists that civilization would be better off with no religion. This anti-religion constituency has grown in numbers. They claim religion is mumbo-jumbo. They remind people about centuries of dastardly behavior, violence against weddings and worshipers, … Continue reading

ER writes: "why is it taking so long for men to become "real" people? or for that matter, for people to become "real" people?

ER writes: “why is it taking so long for men to become “real” people? or for that matter, for people to become “real” people? Allen responds: Who are the “real people”? I have choir rehearsal later this afternoon. One of the … Continue reading

“Why is it taking so long for women to become real people?”

When will humanity’s genetically all-mutt races move beyond global traditions of destructive prejudice based on cosmetic factors to more constructive common ground?
And when will the destructive consequences of violently imposed anti-education attitudes, implanted by whip and lynching, weaken their hold on victims and perpetrators? Simon Legree still haunts many lands today including our own. He says, “Boys, better not dream about bettering yourselves, quit dreaming and join my gang.” And he says, “Girls, know your place and do what you’re told or I’m going to beat and stone you!” Male violence against women is the Simon Legree of gender.

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Fukushima Revisited

On this first anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, let us humbly remember the natural disasters we’ve shared in the past, and rededicate our sacred intention to upgrade human behavior and circumstances in order to avoid future devastation. What … Continue reading

On the Gender Frontier

For thousands of years, the leadership of almost every organized hierarchy in civilization, including government, commerce and religion, has been almost exclusively male. There’s no way to determine precisely how men came to rule the world, but they did and … Continue reading