Human Diversity

Diversity is one of the most powerful forces driving the success of the human constituency. It is part of our species’ healthy core. Diversity has been on the rise throughout human history. We’re learning to celebrate our differences.

Geographical barriers and racism once served to preserve human diversity. Surely those who counsel the deprecation, persecution, subjugation, conquest and extermination of law-abiding communities other than their own because people, ethnic groups, nations, genders and religions choose to maintain their differences are advocating a road paved with violence heading toward global disaster. The geographical barriers are disappearing. Xenophobia is deadly.

Nature’s Position

Nature’s position on diversity is obvious. One group of scientists recently estimated that the natural world has up to 8.7 million species, while others speculate that there may be up to 50 million. As many as 10 billion versions of life have lived on Earth at one time or another.

The rise of the angiosperms led to an unprecedented blossoming of diversity. The angiosperms pioneered the combination of genetic materials from two plant sources 140 million years ago. The angiosperms were able to diversify so efficiently because of “double fertilization” – when the sperm of one plant and the ovum of another are combined. The genetic deck of the angiosperms is reshuffling continuously.

There are about 235,000 species of angiosperms living today, making them the largest phylum of plants in existence. The angiosperms became the most diverse land plants on Earth by filling every biological niche available to them. The angiosperms include apples, mint, peas, wheat, sugar, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, melons, cabbage, pears, oak, beech, maple and magnolia trees, as well as every flower.

7 Billion Versions of Humanity

Human reproduction also begins when genetic materials from two sources are combined. Our genetic deck is reshuffled when a man’s sperm and a woman’s ovum successfully unite. The angiosperms are 235,000 species. Humanity is but one. Yet there are 7 billion versions of humanity. The 7 billion people living on Earth today are a single species enriched by a myriad of differences.

Human genetic reshuffling is increasingly controlled by personal decisions, amounting to a souped-up version of evolutionary change. Humanity is pioneering the diversification of our species by personal choice. Cultural cross-fertilization is drastically multiplying our variety of possibilities.

In response to what some have called humanity’s “relentless assault on natural diversity,” the United Nations designated the years 2011 -2020 as “The Decade on Biodiversity.” Activities are scheduled around the world, designed to raise consciousness about why the protection of biodiversity is important for humanity.

Human diversity is natural. We are only beginning to explore human diversity’s spectacular range. A growing number of people believe they have a right to diversify within the law. The mission is to advance the social health of the human community by respecting our differences. Protect the lawful rights of 7 billion people to evolve as they wish.