March 2012

Civilization’s Chain of Command

The history of hierarchy is a key to understanding civilization’s past and future. For most of human history, our ancestral hierarchies were composed of a small number of geographically and genetically proximate individuals. Nature, habit and tradition predetermined behavior when it came to who was in charge. Parents were and remain civilization’s most important leaders. …

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On the Gender Frontier

For thousands of years, the leadership of almost every organized hierarchy in civilization, including government, commerce and religion, has been almost exclusively male. There’s no way to determine precisely how men came to rule the world, but they did and they do. Female divinity was driven from shared eminence in the Western world by around …

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Driving the American Dream

A military salient is usually an advanced position jutting out into enemy territory. The word salient comes from the Latin verb to leap. Self-definition is a leap toward human progress.The military, police and religion are the top 3 of 4. That is surprising. I called the Congress correctly. Self-definition is one of the engines driving …

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