Bamboo II: Bamboozling Nature

Bamboo Sunrise IIWhy bamboo is called bamboo? Wiki Answers states: “The origins of the word…are obscure. Not found in English before the 16th century, and was first brought to Europe by the Portuguese….”

Where did the word bamboozle come from? People have different opinions about this subject. Go here to learn more:

Alpha Male Plant

I’m convinced that our definition of bamboozle came from the way running bamboo bamboozles its way around plant neighborhoods, taking over wherever it can. Running bamboo is an Alpha male in nature’s pack of plants. Definitely pretty gently rustling in the wind, but you better watch out when bamboo runs your way. Bamboo has enemies who insist “you can sleep with your bamboo if you like, but don’t you dare plant any near my property.”

People bamboozle people every day. People bamboozle themselves. Bamboozle means intrusively penetrating the mental and emotional, legal, and spiritual and financial common sense territories of our own best interests.

One of the most cost-efficient sources of practical material on the planet, bamboo stands with nature’s fastest growing plants. Bamboo has been used for centuries to make textiles, paper, furniture, art, and high-rise scaffolding.  Panda’s, Lemurs, Rats, Mountain Gorilla’s, Chimps, Elephants, Moths and People eat bamboo. Bamboo consumption is likely to sprout, because strength and renewability are bamboo’s one-two punches, both perfectly suited for this fast-moving age.

Bamboo and PandaHealthy garden communities need maintenance. Informed and reliable containment is part of good management. Bamboo and humanity both share limited capacities for self-control.

Human bamboozling, one of our natural limitations, resembles what causes so many people to condemn bamboo. How many gardens has humanity invaded?  How many life forms has Homo sapiens driven towards extinction? Who’s next? Where next? Is any garden on earth safe from our human propensity to invade? Most important, is there any possibility that humanity is about to do a better job of self-control?

Civilization is evidence that humanity can voluntary strengthen our capacity for self and social control. Self-control is how civilization protects itself.  Social controls are delivering progress for billions of people voluntarily living within constructive personal and community boundaries. Every bamboo isn’t a runner.

I love bamboo!

Everyone doesn’t hate bamboo. I love bamboo when song birds nest in its screen, when bamboo sends amazing shoots surging into spring, the same shoots any responsible gardener knows must surely be contained.

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