Salivate on This Line

Just yesterday, an intelligent friend I saw at the gym told me an immigrant surge is responsible for Covid’s recent death burst. Brand packaging update! Salivate on this line. “Immigrants are Covid death surge killers.” Send money. God bless America.

Can You Imagine?

Vote-On Vote-On “Until the late nineteenth century the question of woman’s ability to profit from or even survive higher education was controversial. Vassar College opened in 1865 was often described by its first president as an experiment.… as late as 1871 an MD at Harvard Medical School published a book on the dangers of higher …

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% of global humanity experiencing extended family keeps shrinking-geography alone pries traditional support away-expansive media  pretends intimacy-media replacing extended family hmm?

My Weather Mantra

Consider chanting or humming this mantra today: Facing the sky, reaching  deeper into your own steady breathing, sincerely repeat these words : (one-hundred reps recommended) Snow-Cold Go Away Don’t Come Back Till Autumn Fades