Digestion for Survival

Digesting Food and Information

Food and information consumption decisions made by seven billion people are impacting the future of the Human Constituency.  Digesting food and information is a complex, multiple-stage, lifetime process, which consumes energy, utilizes body chemistry, involves hormones, and depends upon specialized organs.

The mouth, tongue, teeth, stomach, and small intestine digest food.  The eyes, ears, brain, and arguably the tongue, when used to ask questions, digest information.

Facts and Nutrients

The words consume and absorb describe digesting calories and facts.  We digest food to assimilate nutrients.  We digest information to manage our lives.

The food and information consumed by humanity is increasingly processed, packaged and branded.  It’s in the interest of manufacturers and cultural factions, for consumers to trust their brands. Some say that packaged and branded food and information are necessary for safety and consistency.

Elaborate sciences guide those making food and information packaging design decisions.  For example biological measurement technology, such as brain scanning, efficiently identifies hot button tastes, sounds, words, and concepts, which influence acceptance and rejection of ideologies and brands.

The Influence Sciences

The influence sciences include advertising, public relations, and propaganda. Sponsors spend billions of dollars to promote products and perspectives.  The lessons learned selling chewing gum and soap are now used to sell ideas on behalf of nations, political parties and terrorist factions.

Our Founding Fathers taught us that the key to a successful society is an educated citizenry.  They never imagined a time when media teats, emanating from informational feedlots, would become the primary source of information consumed by billions of people.

Balanced Diets are Healthier

Humanity depends upon digestion for survival.  A balanced diet is healthier.  Feed us perspectives.  Please send your thoughts to Digest This™ today.