Driving the American Dream

A military salient is usually an advanced position jutting out into enemy territory. The word salient comes from the Latin verb to leap. Self-definition is a leap toward human progress.The military, police and religion are the top 3 of 4. That is surprising. I called the Congress correctly.

Self-definition is one of the engines driving the American dream. Americans have long-held their definitive independence to be an advanced position. Ideas have salience. Self-definition is a salient idea.

The self-definitive entitlement is similar to a salient in the isolation it brings to self-definers. Safe leaps for humans are likely to be no more than a few feet, not a thousand miles. Life in herd, traditional family and tribe generally felt more secure. Our recent human opportunity for self-expression and personal development was barely anticipated.

Important Opportunity in America

Self-definition might be defined as leadership from within or personalized civilization. From Pilgrims wading toward Plymouth’s shore to chained slaves staggering off ships, self-definition was the most important opportunity in  America. Self-definition is a declaration of independence for most immigrants.

Healthy self-definition is a powerful ideology, but it’s also a job. Healthy self-definition and selfishness are different life-styles. The personalized pursuit of happiness can be dangerous when self-definition isn’t balanced by community commitments. Self-definition is a practical social adventure to the extent that humans succeed in communal self-management.

Action Figure in Democracy

The action figure in democracy is the individual. The number of personal decisions made in a lifetime is increasing geometrically. Individualism is in ascendance. Many kinds of traditional restrictions on self-definition are rapidly eroding. Self-definitive rights are flourishing. Globally self-definition is expanding the range of human leadership.

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