Human History

Dangerous Denials

If a general, in command of forces engaged in an epic struggle for your survival, discounts and ignores vital reconnaissance because the new information contradicts his traditional perspectives, you insist that general be replaced by a leader who is willing to consider new possibilities.  Those who close their minds to the history of human nature are rejecting one of our most practical sources of diagnostic information.

Humanity is the Patient

People take part in modern medicine even when the tests and treatments fall outside the traditional boundaries of their healing traditions.  A new patient completes forms and answers questions about short and long-term medical history because history is practical information.  A patient visiting a psychologist talks about short and long-term personal history because history is relevant.  When a doctor is not interested in your short and long-term medical history you find a new physician.

We’ve speculated about the short and long-term history of humanity for a long time.  Face the truth as we know it now.  Humans are mammals.  This admission is as crucial as telling the doctor what ails us. Recognizing that humanity’s most dangerous behavior is deeply rooted in our mammal nature, makes it easier for us to diagnose our life threatening deficiencies.

More Accurate History of Our Ancestors is Emerging

The emerging history of human DNA is removing blinders.  Scientific investigators, including geneticists, archaeologists, anthropologists, and linguists are providing us with new evidence about the history of human nature.  This growing body of information about the biological and social history of humanity is a windfall for survival and progress.

Redefine ‘Ancient’ and ‘Prehistoric’ Immediately

It’s dangerous to allow a handful of monuments and manuscripts, preserved by chance and power, to limit the boundaries of human history.  Words like ‘ancient’ and ‘prehistoric’ are ripe for redefinition.

Two thousand years ago is relatively recent history.  Museums display collections of tools and jewelry created 100,000 years ago.  The idea that two thousand years ago is ‘ancient’ is distracting us from a more realistic appreciation of who we really are.

Just as our ancestors demolished and expanded the walls of their cities to accommodate population growth, the definitions of the words ancient and prehistoric call for reconstruction.

A host of specialists, including paleontologists and evolutionary biologists, are providing us with quantities of new information about the biological and behavioral history of our kind.  Two thousand years ago is not ancient.  Most of the information about human history classified as prehistoric is now historic.  Tear down these definitive walls

 “Experience is the Best Teacher”

One of the reasons our ancestors survived and sometimes thrived is because they took their history seriously.  History is experience.  “Experience is the best teacher.”