Movie Mayhem in Colorado

The darkest auroras linger in our consciousness.

Please take a moment to remember this historical fact.

Today is the ninety-eighth birthday of the First World War.

Less than 100 years ago today, at 11:10 AM on July 28, 1914, the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia. The First World War officially began.

The aristocracy (King, Emperor and Czar) led the way. People who counted themselves among the most advanced on earth did most of the killing. During the next four years, tens of millions of patriotic men literally blasted each other into smithereens. Thirty-seven million men, women, and children died in the conflict. The war’s unprecedented consequences stunned the world.

Why revisit such memories? Not only because today is the ninety-eighth birthday of World War One.

Revisiting the memory of World War One surely inspires us  to strengthen every neighborhood’s great foundation, which is peaceful co-existence.  Revisiting the dark memories of World War I reminds us to do everything within our power to avoid inflicting another high-tech version of global war on civilization.

Our religions teach us that the human capacity to heal the sick, feed the hungry and live in peace is subject to rapid expansion.

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