Parenting Is Our First Line of Defense

Parenting is the most important responsibility shared by all humanity. Every people’s future is likely to be managed by their children. Parents have more impact on what’s in store for civilization than any other social cohort. Parents hold the long suit for advancing humankind.

A thousand generations of passionate parenting hasn’t led to perfect people. Our natural limitations are inhibiting progress. Parents who feel guilty about the imperfect results of their parenting should remember that every child is born with a pre-installed script of his or her own. Human perfection is an error message. Perfect love is possible, but there is no such thing as perfect parenting.

Vital Ingredients

We are Mammalia. Providing extended after-birth care for children is part of the generic definition of our class. Healthy civilization functions like a placenta for human babies, maintaining a reliable supply of vital ingredients for children.

The failure of educational bureaucracy to achieve results resembles the failure of military bureaucracy to win wars. While we regret the failures, we continue to support the service. We don’t disparage those who serve. We don’t gut their cause.

Education Is Defense Spending

Nations suffer when their next generation is neglected. Initially helpless to affect their own destiny, children mature into the parents and leaders of tomorrow. Widespread confusion about the significance of human parenting is threatening civilization in our time.

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