Rednecks Redux

Sunburns come in many colors. The quickest way to become a redneck is to spend too many hours working under a hot summer sun. Humanity’s neck coloring differences are mostly inherited DNA, nurtured by xenophobic isolation, then brushed with climate.

Rednecks are a complex subject. The word redneck is used to describe independent country folk and angry racists. Some folks proudly call themselves rednecks, while others remain angry with them.

Groups of early unionizing US miners were called redneck because they wore red scarfs to show support for workers’ rights. Seventeenth century Scottish Presbyterians were called rednecks for a time when they wore red scarfs to signal commitment to their version of religious freedom. Crayola

A growing number of crayon colors suggest neck color wisdom for humanity. The first Crayola Crayon Box in 1903 had just eight colors in it; Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Violet and Yellow. Crayola’s 2006 150-crayon pack has 118 colors plus 16 Glitter and 16 Metallic crayons.

Who wants a box of crayons with one color in it?  Ridding ourselves of color differences is a bad if not impossible idea. Forget about reducing humanity to one neck color to sort things out.

Our human color range is expanding. Humanity has red, brown black, white, and yellow necks, plus a billion blends between. Civilization’s coloring box challenge is enhancing community cooperation, while every citizen freely features colors of their own. Civilization’s future will be bright and colorful. Check out Crayola’s new “Ultimate” pack with 152 crayons.

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