Response to a Friend Commenting on new Bill Moyers Documentary

We like Bill Moyers, especially remember his Joseph Campbell interviews so long ago, but listening carefully to his recent Charlie Rose interview puffing the release of this documentary, you won’t hear a single new, creative, practical idea about how America should go about solving the global problem he describes in the film. More than once, Charlie asks him, OK but what can be done about this, and Bill has nothing to say, except finally, well, we should double the minimum wage immediately.

ListeningUnfortunately, in this respect, Moyers resembles most of us who have no idea how civilization is going to better manage the absence of jobs crisis, which is just beginning, and civilization’s health care cost crisis, which is just beginning.

Also I remember another Charlie Rose interview in which Rose asks eminent biographer Robert Caro what Bill Moyers added to his story about LBJ. Caro responded that Moyers wouldn’t meet with him to talk about his Johnson years. Caro said he didn’t know why?  I wonder why as well? Moyers advocates transparency and loves history. Is he saving what he knows for his own book?

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