Whatcha Doin Next Week

The doomsday prophet Harold Camping recently revised his prediction.  Camping now predicts October 21 2011 will be humanity’s last day.  What’s comforting about this update is that “The end is going to come very quietly, probably within the next month….Probably… there will be no pain suffered by anyone because of their rebellion against God.   Unbelievers might just fall asleep and never wake up.”

UC Berkeley Grad Speaks

Camping is on solid ground when he leaves the rest of God’s creation out of his doomsday plan.  Doomsday comes and goes but life on earth survives.  It’s about time somebody spared the rest of God’s magnificent creation.  Camping’s generosity of spirit is probably a vestige of liberal values he acquired while attended UC Berkeley where he earned a B.S. degree.

Narcissism on All Sides

The clinical definition of a narcissistic personality disorder includes “an inflated sense of self-importance.”   Humanity is clinically narcissistic when our world view fails to respect the sacred power of the millions of life forms with whom we share this planet.    

While Waiting for Our Salvation

More than 150,000 humans die every day.  Camping would probably agree that what each person does with the time remaining to them is more important than predicting the method and moment of our common rapture.

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