The Gun Debate and Interpersonal Violence – Response to Comment

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Some gun control makes sense. There’d be no human law if only perfect laws passed. Our children are worth defending. Like strikes and errors in baseball, misses shouldn’t keep gun control advocates out of the game. Healthy cultures include errors, strikes and misses.

American gun ownership culture has been cultivated by law, tradition, western movies, corporations, political parties in return for votes, and also by human nature. Humans are mammals! Interpersonal violence isn’t going away. Natural violence is deeply rooted in mammal history.

The history of interpersonal violence goes back hundreds of millions of years. Reducing interpersonal violence really is a crime scene investigation. Many life forms inflict violence upon their own kind. Civilization is better able to identify, diagnose, and ameliorate biologically relevant root causes of our violent nature as people more fully embrace the mammal nature of humanity (embrace as in hug/bond/accept). Allen

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