The Gun Debate and Weapons Power Proliferation (WPP)

Welcome to the global debate about gun and nuclear weapons ownership. You already know both sides of the argument. Weapons are proliferating. More powerful weapons are manufactured in smaller sizes. Weapons power proliferation (WPP) is deadly force humanity is learning more about.

The first recorded use of nuclear weapons was in the 20th century. At least nine nations own nuclear weapons. Several nations are striving to add nuclear weapons to their arsenal .

The first recorded use of a firearm was in the 14th century. The 21st century Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was committed using a higher tech version of that firearm. Because high tech murder, madness, innocent victims, helpless civilization, so many of the ingredients were there, Sandy Hook may be fairly described as a microcosm of the holocaust

Many justifications for weapons proliferation are based on strong legal, natural, and historic grounds. Those defending the unregulated right to bear arms or the national right to acquire nuclear weapons often share the same  arguments. Consider the following statements in favor of weapons power proliferation.

Pro Weapons Power Proliferation (WPP) Arguments

It’s our tradition to be armed.

We don’t intend to hurt anybody.

Weapons are legal, natural, traditional, & practical.

Nations & peoples already have them so we can too.

We’re sending a message about respect and self-defense.

We need advanced technology to defend against advanced technology.

We have a personal and/or national right to own and control our own weapons.

Some weapons proliferators attempt to block all debate. Others take part in the debate but never seriously consider any practical weapons control option. North Korea, Iran and some folks in Florida insist on their right to stand their ground.

“By the line that he drew with his sword when the battle was nigh,” is a lyric from a song called “Remember the Alamo” written by Texas singer and song writer Jane Bowers, introduced by Tex Ritter in 1955, then popularized by the Kingston Trio, Johnny Cash, and others. Humanity draws lines for battle and civilization draws lines to maintain safety and peace. Civilization’s lines drawn for safety and peace include fences, treaties, and laws. Air traffic, railroads, and interstate highways are safer because civilization establishes, maintains, and upgrades controls.

Listen to the  global debate about weapons control. You have a right not to participate. Any one of seven billion individuals living in civilization today may choose to ignore local gun and global nuclear weapons debates even though their family, neighborhood, tribe and nation will probably be impacted by their inaction.

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